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Citizens & Experts Talk Future of Europe: How has Social Equality been Affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic?

To mark Europe Day – otherwise known as Schuman Day – the European Future Forum (EFF) joined up with Citizens Takeover Europe for a panel discussion as a part of the #EuropeFutureFringe initiative. This Q&A session enabled both experts and citizens to discuss the future of Europe in light of the current situation with the […]

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How the Pandemic is Deepening Europe’s North-South Divide

We have already seen the new coronavirus disproportionately affect the Mediterranean Member States of Italy, Spain, and Portugal. But these countries’ leaders are not happy with the way that their northern neighbours are approaching their struggle. This pandemic is proving to be a real test of EU solidarity. But today’s quarrels risk causing irrevocable damage […]

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Europe’s Many Voices: The Iberian Peninsula

The Iberian Peninsula encapsulates the culturally rich Spain and Portugal, where apart from the obvious Spanish and Portuguese, an array of regional languages also scatter the land. I asked young people from some of the peninsula’s various regional language communities to share their experiences and thoughts about their unique linguistic heritage. Spain is an especially […]