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Predicting Populism in Europe: A 5-Year Forecast

The European Union’s management of populist pivot countries, Poland and Hungary, offers a thought experiment for the future. Forecasting is a sought-after area of expertise in the world of international relations. Here’s one easy method to produce two scenarios on how events in Poland and Hungary influence the EU’s management of populism throughout Europe: Section […]

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“We Shall Fight Them From Our Houses…” The Pandemic’s Worrying Wartime Parallels

The struggle against the coronavirus over the past few months has consistently been defined as a “war” in Europe. Beyond Donald Trump’s insistence on qualifying as a “Wartime President”, Emmanuel Macron declared France “at war”, so too did Boris Johnson when stating that the British Government will “act like in wartime”. Decidedly, some in Europe […]

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Why Italy’s Right Wing Will Change Europe In 2019

In view of the upcoming European elections, Salvini has a disruptive strategy. When the Five Star Movement leader Luigi Di Maio after the March 4 elections proudly announced that Italy’s Third Republic would start with them, he couldn’t honestly imagine it would be somewhat true, but no thanks to themselves. Indeed, while the Movement got […]