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Is Macron changing Russo-European Relations for the better?

French President Emanuel Macron has been leading the charge in recalibrating Europe’s political relationship with Russia. Rather than seeking direct confrontation against the regime, the French leader has looked to end the Kremlin’s isolation and alienation from Europe. Macron believes that Russia is essential in the security of Europe and that by integrating Russia into […]

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Europe’s struggle with democracy

‘The European Union is too far removed from its citizens,’ is a sentence uttered all too often. Europhiles have passionately defended the democratic nature of the union and its institutions. In 2014 the Spitzenkandidaten-procedure was introduced to increase the influence of the European Parliament and start a European public debate around the elections. The process […]

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Why Italy’s Right Wing Will Change Europe In 2019

In view of the upcoming European elections, Salvini has a disruptive strategy. When the Five Star Movement leader Luigi Di Maio after the March 4 elections proudly announced that Italy’s Third Republic would start with them, he couldn’t honestly imagine it would be somewhat true, but no thanks to themselves. Indeed, while the Movement got […]