Thought Babble

What do the Burqa and GDPR have in common? Our Right to Avoid Observation

Two years back, we discussed how Denmark controversially followed France’s example of banning face coverings in public places, hitting niqab-wearing Muslim women the hardest. Was this a justifiable attempt to limit crime and facilitate cultural integration, or an unnecessary attack on freedom of religion, of dress, and of personal boundaries? The debate hasn’t really become […]

This Week In Europe

Calls grow for a ‘Europe of Citizens’ as MEPs test Commissioner-designates in parliamentary hearings this week

Civil society organisations and groups campaigning for a Europe of citizens are increasingly setting the agenda at Commissioner-designate hearings at the European Parliament this week. Following intense lobbying by European Civic Forum (ECF), a body representing over 800 third sector organisations across Europe, the nominations of Rovana Plumb of Romania, and Hungary’s Lászkló Trócsányi have […]