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This Week In Europe

Cucumber Bending Ordinance: The day on which cucumber discrimination began

Translation from German to English: Dominik Kirchdorfer 30 Years ago the European Community adopted the so called cucumber curvation regulation. It garnered much criticism and ridicule for the EC. Was it justified? Cucumbers must all be straight: 30 years ago, the Commission of the European Communities adopted Regulation (EEC) No 1677/88, better known as the […]

This Week In Europe

TV News – An Italian Drama

Some Italian news reports are well crafted stories about migrants and criminality, with dramatic CSI-style crime and mystery soundtracks playing in the background. Italian Broadcasting has its own peculiarities and is unlike any news format found around the World. To an outsider, the television programs look and, most importantly, sound baffling. The first thing one […]