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The Right to Not be Seen: How a Piece of Cloth is Dividing Europe

Denmark recently followed France’s example of banning face coverings in public places, hitting niqab-wearing Muslim women the hardest. Shortly after, a Muslim couple were denied Swiss citizenship for refusing to shake hands with people of the opposite sex.  Do these cases represent a justifiable attempt to limit crime and facilitate cultural integration, or an unnecessary […]

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Italy’s Very Basic Income Problem

Originally published on Italics Magazine. Recently, the Italian government announced that it has decided to take out some fresh new loans in order to finance their many extravagant policies, such as their citizen’s income. The financial markets have already reacted negatively to the news that made international click-bait headlines as “Italy to introduce basic income” and the […]

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The TV License – An Ancient Analogue Tax

Broadcast Television is a relatively new household technology, which was only introduced in the latter half of the 20th century. But in today’s rapidly evolving technological environment, broadcast television might as well be as ancient as Socrates himself. Television has gone through many different technological leaps itself, from black and white to colour, from CRT […]