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European Hustle

Europe’s Many Voices: Italy’s 50 Shades of Latin

Italy boasts 12 aptly called “historical language communities,” and countless more dialects and variations. With Italian often regarded as the Latin legacy, it is not widely known that there actually exist languages which resemble the Roman forefather even more than the romantic and notoriously melodical lingua we are familiar with. In fact, Italy is home […]

European Hustle

Europe’s Many Voices: The Iberian Peninsula

The Iberian Peninsula encapsulates the culturally rich Spain and Portugal, where apart from the obvious Spanish and Portuguese, an array of regional languages also scatter the land. I asked young people from some of the peninsula’s various regional language communities to share their experiences and thoughts about their unique linguistic heritage. Spain is an especially […]

European Hustle

Europe’s Many Voices: Regional language revival

The EU currently boasts 24 official languages, demonstrating an impressive linguistic diversity. However, the European community is also home to numerous regional languages to add to this total, from Sicilian to Silesian, Gaelic to Basque. What do these less-spoken tongues, scattered across all four corners of Europe, have in common? Are they fading out of […]