Roxanna is a British and Iranian advocacy writer specialised in human rights, health, and welfare. With a languages degree from King's College London, a Masters in European Studies from LSE, and an EU communications background, she strives to increase the visibility of ethical and sociocultural issues in Europe and beyond. Twitter: @RoxannaYasmin Medium: @RoxannaAzimy
European Hustle

Europe’s Many Voices: Regional language revival

The EU currently boasts 24 official languages, demonstrating an impressive linguistic diversity. However, the European community is also home to numerous regional languages to add to this total, from Sicilian to Silesian, Gaelic to Basque. What do these less-spoken tongues, scattered across all four corners of Europe, have in common? Are they fading out of […]

The Pill Photo: BELGAIMAGE, Source: De Standaard
Thought Babble

European Nations Named and Shamed for Failing Citizens’ Sexual Health Needs

April this year marked 50 years of family planning being declared a basic human right. This is a timely milestone considering that just a few weeks prior, an intriguing official report called the “Contraception Atlas” was released, comparing 46 countries in the greater European community in terms of their provision of contraceptive services. But how […]