Dominik is a European writer and entrepreneur of Austrian and Polish descent. His passion is storytelling and he wants to do everything in his power to give the story of Europe a happy ending. He is currently the President of the EFF - European Future Forum, Editor In-Chief of Euro Babble and EU Adviser to the Austrian Savings Banks Association. Dominik recently published his first SciFi novel, The Intrepid Explorer: First Flight under the nome de plume Nik Kirkham. Twitter: @NikKirkham
Since you asked

Italy’s Very Basic Income Problem

Originally published on Italics Magazine. Recently, the Italian government announced that it has decided to take out some fresh new loans in order to finance their many extravagant policies, such as their citizen’s income. The financial markets have already reacted negatively to the news that made international click-bait headlines as “Italy to introduce basic income” and the […]

Since you asked

The TV License – An Ancient Analogue Tax

Broadcast Television is a relatively new household technology, which was only introduced in the latter half of the 20th century. But in today’s rapidly evolving technological environment, broadcast television might as well be as ancient as Socrates himself. Television has gone through many different technological leaps itself, from black and white to colour, from CRT […]

Thought Babble

Germany and France march on! The Meseberg Declaration

With Angela Merkel under domestic pressure, France and Germany have just put forward their new joint plan for continued European integration; the Meseberg Declaration. While the declaration text contains – as every declaration does – a lot of filler text, some very interesting and tangible proposals have also made their way into the joint declaration. […]

This Week In Europe

TV News – An Italian Drama

Some Italian news reports are well crafted stories about migrants and criminality, with dramatic CSI-style crime and mystery soundtracks playing in the background. Italian Broadcasting has its own peculiarities and is unlike any news format found around the World. To an outsider, the television programs look and, most importantly, sound baffling. The first thing one […]