Dominik is a European writer and entrepreneur of Austrian and Polish descent. His passion is storytelling and he wants to do everything in his power to give the story of Europe a happy ending. He is currently the President of the EFF - European Future Forum, Editor In-Chief of Euro Babble and EU Adviser to the Austrian Savings Banks Association. Dominik recently published his first SciFi novel, The Intrepid Explorer: First Flight under the nome de plume Nik Kirkham. Twitter: @NikKirkham
This Week In Europe

Calls grow for a ‘Europe of Citizens’ as MEPs test Commissioner-designates in parliamentary hearings this week

Civil society organisations and groups campaigning for a Europe of citizens are increasingly setting the agenda at Commissioner-designate hearings at the European Parliament this week. Following intense lobbying by European Civic Forum (ECF), a body representing over 800 third sector organisations across Europe, the nominations of Rovana Plumb of Romania, and Hungary’s Lászkló Trócsányi have […]

Thought Babble

Europe’s struggle with democracy

‘The European Union is too far removed from its citizens,’ is a sentence uttered all too often. Europhiles have passionately defended the democratic nature of the union and its institutions. In 2014 the Spitzenkandidaten-procedure was introduced to increase the influence of the European Parliament and start a European public debate around the elections. The process […]

Big In

Brexit reaches video games

Every year the Electronic Entertainment Expo (or E3 for short) presents the newest innovations in gaming. Only this year was rather disappointing. Not only did Sony not show up, but most of the presentations did not reveal anything new. One very notable exemption that most journalists glossed over was Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs: Legion. Watch Dogs […]