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This is your editor in-chief. I don’t normally talk to you directly. News outlets rarely do. Most of the time, we try to keep a neutral and objective style and tone to our articles, even though every article we publish undoubtedly has a core message in it. Usually it’s the same message: Think for yourself. Consider these things you may not have considered before. Is your opinion changing? Are you opening up to multiple possibilities? That is what we are trying to achieve with Euro Babble. We don’t pursue any particular agenda. We just write about topics we care about and find interesting and believe need to be examined from different lights, not just the one narrative that mainstream media outlets regurgitate over and over again.

But we are not a mainstream media outlet. We never intended to be. Euro Babble is not about showering you with breaking news. It’s about in-depth looks at important topics that are either misrepresented or swept under the rug. It’s about connecting all of us in Europe across borders and language barriers to jointly come together in rethinking things. So today, we are breaking our usual style by talking to you directly. And it’s not just that I write to you as myself, I am also introducing a new format to the page, the editorial. The editorial is our exclusive format for talking to you directly and speaking about things like the magazine itself or our opinions on daily news that we would not cover on the site otherwise.

You can also look forward to announcements about our page. For example, I am very happy and proud to let you know that this is only the first part of a larger evolution of Euro Babble, which will continue to happen step-by-step over the summer. We intend to involve you, our readers, far more in this publication and create a community of citizen journalists. We can’t wait to share what’s to come!

Dominik Kirchdorfer
Dominik is a European writer and entrepreneur of Austrian and Polish descent. His passion is storytelling and he wants to do everything in his power to give the story of Europe a happy ending. He is currently the President of the EFF - European Future Forum, Editor In-Chief of Euro Babble and EU Adviser to the Austrian Savings Banks Association. Dominik recently published his first SciFi novel, The Intrepid Explorer: First Flight under the nome de plume Nik Kirkham. Twitter: @NikKirkham

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